We Help Dealership Businesses and Service Organizations

Achieve Higher Levels of Improved Operating Performance and Profitability.


The amount of data that exists in your DMS is of utmost importance to the success of your business.

Dealers, Leaders and Managers seeking to be better industry operators need to know how well their organizations can centralize, manage, utilize the volumes of data within the Dealer Management System (DMS) and turn it into information the can use to generate Intentional RESULTS.

Our Performance Plus Influence On DMS Results and Operations Include:

  • A clear definition of document management usage and its benefits.
  • Document management system RESULTS cases with real-world examples.
  • Factors you should consider when using your Dealer Management System.
  • A step-by-step guide outline to the best possible DMS Maximization Process specific to the needs of your dealership.

Seems Pretty Simple Right?

Well, some dealers may not know how to do themselves! However, Performance Plus Results still can be achievable. Whether dealers work with existing IT staff, engage the DMS vendor or hire outside IT specialists, it is a start to help further understand what is best for their organization.

Maximizing these 3 factors of Business

  • People
  • Processes and
  • Dealer Management Systems

Will accomplish that much more to the dealer’s efficiencies, productivity and bottom line in ways they didn’t have prior.

In 1993 we formed a vision. Not to have the biggest full-service advisory, training and CPA firm, but to become the very best in class standard for the Automotive Retail Industries we serve.

To develop a firm with such significant and specific industry expertise that not only functions as an outside firm but offers boots on the ground support and training that truly helps dealers generate above average business RESULTS and not just REPORTS!

Our Advisory and Training practice is comprised of Real Proven Automotive Industry Professionals offering specialized services for Automotive Dealers and Allied Industry Partners which is our niche industry!

We know Your Business! Which helps our Emerging Operational & Technology Team use the power of DMS data and operational inventories to better help our clients run their business more efficiently and in a more profitable manner.


Better People + Better Processes + Best In Class DMS Practices = Better RESULTS!

We Can Prove It!

A Note From Michael:

We’re About Generating Results, Not Just Reports!

The foundation of our RESULTS management Driven Programs have always been focused on our ability to further influence the performance of people, process and Dealer Management Systems (DMS) of choice!

Our Principle is simple! We believe that our clients should get RESULTS not just reports from any form of consultancy, training and advisory!

By maximizing Dealer Management Systems, developing customized operational inventories and business strategies that help clients generate intentional RESULTS.

Our DMS Performance Plus movement is a comprehensive service that offers dealers higher performing insights, advisory and training! We optimize administrative workloads, shop MAPS and the utilization of your chosen DMS in real time with no additional software to buy!

Look: Time is a valuable commodity! If you ever feel like you and your dealership deserve more the answer is in the DMS you chose and how well you and your management team utilize it on an hourly, daily, weekly and monthly basis.


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