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Automotive Management Resources is powered by Automotive Domain Results LLC. and Dealer BI (Business Intelligence). We are an Automotive Retail consulting, advisory and training catalyst type organization that focuses solely and exclusively on the needs of the retail automotive industry. We Are Dealer Advocates!

AMR/ ADR and Dealer BI (Business Intelligence) resources was formed for providing fresh, new Value Added Services and Alternatives to meet the specialized operational needs of retail automotive dealers and like kind service business operations.


Our goal is to provide Dealers and like kind Service business owners, with the blunt unvarnished truth about their service operations and provide insight into their growth revenue optimization business plans for tomorrow.


“We generate Results NOT Reports!”

Our team of proven automotive industry professionals encompass the unique combination of over 60 years of hands-on retail automotive industry experience working directly in the dealerships trenches, paired with the assurance of professional accounting and consulting experience.
Our advisors are real “Car People” who have the experience and the scars to prove it! They speak the language of the industry and truly understand the complexities of your business. There is no task too small or too large.


Our industry expertise has been utilized to assist many dealerships and like kind service businesses in the following areas:

⦁ Business Management
⦁ Service Advisory Training,
⦁ Recruiting and Onboarding.

Our industry alliances are made up of some the most qualified CPA’s and specialized motor industry advisors who can provide a wide variety of support, consulting, recruiting, onboarding and training services.

We have performed in depth data analytics and have identified solutions to minimize hidden activity based costs and influence performance and profitability in all profit centers of the business which include:

⦁ Fixed Operations Management and Performance
⦁ Critical Performance Indicator Management
⦁ Fixed and Variable Operations Analytics
⦁ DMS performance and Maximization Consulting
⦁ Internal Control evaluations.
⦁ Parts Increase Mark Up Analysis
⦁ Labor Increase Mark Up Analysis
⦁ Operational Best Practices

Our automotive industry experts are proficient with many major DMS and CRM systems which allows us to extract data to the finest level of detail with minimal interruption of dealership operational and accounting processes.

They can see and interpret the underlying details of DMS operational & financial reports. We can also assist in continuing smooth back office and operations with our temporary Managers, Controllers or Office Manager support services.

We are associated with many reputable service organizations including ATA, NIADA, NJCAR, NADA, FADA, AICPA, and other allied industry and state association chapters supporting the automotive retail business trades and manufacturing. Partners are Michael Roppo.

AMR / ADR and Dealer BI Core Expertise Is In:


⦁ Fixed Operations Improvement
⦁ Fixed Operations Management Alignment Training
⦁ Performance and Profitability Analytics
⦁ Fixed Operations performance assessments
⦁ Factory Parts and Labor Mark Up Analysis
⦁ Budgets, Forecasts, Projections
⦁ CSA Exceptions Testing (Cognitive Situational Awareness)
⦁ DMS Consulting (Dealer Management Systems)
⦁ Fraud Investigations
⦁ GM/Controller Profiling
⦁ Internal Audits
⦁ Operational Analyses
⦁ Recruiting, Onboarding & Placement Services


We use an immersion technology of learning to create blended professional service advisor training programs that are more effectively retained and applied on the job. Changing behavior and driving performance improvement with our (IT) Service Advisor Training, Service Sales Training, Service and Parts Manager and Sales development.

Our Immersion Technology Training facilitators are rigorously selected from among the best in the industry. They have actual hands on retail dealership and business experience in the Service Drive and/or on the Showroom floor as well as in management, many as former GMs, Fixed Ops Directors and/or GSMs.

The AMR ADR approach to better business growth is customized to fit your Dealerships Fixed Operations process and service and parts operations.

We focus on maximizing the opportunities that will grow your business, without increasing traffic!

We Generate Results! “NOT” Reports!

We develop best and next practices and processes with your management team in Five critical areas:

⦁ Operational and Financial
⦁ Point of Sale
⦁ Labor Gross Income
⦁ Service Selling Gross
⦁ Net Profit Retention

In order to ensure growth:

  • We analyze and influence all 13 profit centers of service
  • We stay on track and work with your managers for six months through weekly conference call and periodic onsite visits, plus we are available to management via call or text in between scheduled calls and visits
  • We teach management how to efficiently manage business growth and sustain momentum
  • We consult and train management in how to create time to manage their true MAP department potential
  • We help management manage the business and profit side of fixed ops sales
  • We teach your team how to set forecasts/ Critical Performance Industry metrics, and take corrective actions to achieve and sustain targets set
  • We provide your team with simple and effective tools and best practice resources to measure growth daily

Michael Roppo

Director of Dealer Fixed Operations Consulting/Training

M (732) 673 2507