Allied Industry

Feeling alone, lost or stuck on your Professional Business Journey?

The Inner Circle of Automotive Industry Professionals believe, We’re Better Together!

Be part of The Inner Circle of Automotive Industry Professionals! By being a part of our allied industry’s professional association. (Membership Application Required).

Our Allied Industry Members Must Be Proven Automotive Retail Consulting, Training Accounting, and Advisory Resources.

Here are eleven things you can do to get involved.

  • Market, Market, Market Yourself and Your Professional Services!
  • Introduce yourself to the other people who are there that matter. They are likely to be the movers and shakers of our industry.
  • Be a thought leader. “Link around” and be helpful.
  • Ask good questions such as “What are you working on these days?” And “What are you looking forward to?”
  • Set goals for the number of people you are going to meet. Be reasonable. You could exchange names and links with lots of like kind people.
  • Learn people’s names and make your own memorable resources.
  • Know how to say what you do. In a short sentence, tell the thing you want someone to remember about what you do and how well you do it.
  • When someone likes you on linked in asks “What’s new?” have something interesting to say about what’s going on in your part of the industry! Tell a story to illustrate what you do to influence the automotive retail market.
  • Always have an agenda and share it.
  • Also, be ready to expose yourself to the rest of the market!
  • Be relevant and memorable! Say “Thank you.” Gratitude goes a long way in building good relationships.
Stop Feeling Alone on Your Professional Journey

Join the Inner Circle of Automotive Industry Professionals so that you can:

  • Get industry professional insights!
  • Ask the right questions to the right resources
  • Stop searching for guidance on how to close your secret business gaps.
  • Stop feeling disconnected from your businesses purpose.
  • Stop believing that you have to do it all – all by yourself.
  • Know who the Industry “A” Players are!

Join the Inner Circle of Automotive Industry Professionals

Seek out, Embrace and Receive the guidance and information from Industry Masterminds with the wisdom to support you close your secret business confidence gaps so you can advance your business and professional brand.

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