July 2019

Does your Dealership Provide A Truly Exceptional Service Experience?

More and more dealerships seem to be renewing their vows and focusing on the level of service they provide to their customers. Sales and service industry leaders speak with great enthusiasm about building long-term customer relationships by providing a “truly exceptional service experience and creating a real world-class customer [...]

Pillars Of Increased Performance And Profitability:

Dealerships are constantly seeking ways to improve their day-to-day performance and profitability. What follows are some issues and questions to consider when identifying best practices for your dealership. These items are essential in supporting increased performance and long-term dealership profitability: Profitability does not happen on its own! It is an [...]

The Most Profitable Business Strategy Is Your Current Customer Base!

How's Your Database Doing? Almost Every Dealer, CEO, President VP of Sales and Manager that I speak to these days in the automotive dealership business constantly emphasizes building processes, technologies and expertise for acquiring new customers to get more business. And yet, common marketing wisdom tells us that customer retention [...]